New Website, New Services for Our Clients!

We have taken the last few months hone our skills and  make our five-star service even better for our clients. We are happy to announce the following changes to our service. 

Newsletter goes electronic. Some people love getting our newletter in  the mail, but if you prefer to receive it via email instead just email with the word “change” as the subject line, and we will move you over!

 Real Estate Digital Marketer certification. Bob just completed an extensive course in digital marketing and now has his certification. What it means for you is our marketing for listings has gotten even better, as we now included highly targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram. We have also enhanced other digital services, see below!

 New Website with enhanced search function. Hopefully the new and improved site will be ready by the time you get this, go check it out! Featuring an easier to use search function, simple request forms for CMA’s for your home, our updated blog, and it will also host a specific page for every new listing.

Real Scout for Buyers. This is an exciting new service we offer any buyer, and will be switching all of our active buyers over to it in the coming weeks. It offers a much more visual experience, and importantly learns what you like and helps lead you to listings with those features! Let us know if you would like to sign up to start getting listings!

We are constantly trying to make our business more client-friendly, and look forward to having our best year ever with these new skills and services.