Lively Small Town Charm


San Anselmo, once the county’s railroad hub, is larger than many of its neighbors, but retains a small-town charm. The self-proclaimed “Antiques Capital of Northern California,” San Anselmo has about 130 antique dealers, as well as bookstores, coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants along San Anselmo Avenue next to Creek Park. .

What To See

San Anselmo bills itself as an antiques center, with over 100 antique shops and collectives. Downtown there are also several restaurants, and there is a shopping center on the west side of town. There are several smaller parks and a host of annual local events. The Marin Civic Center, which regularly schedules big-name concerts and shows, is in nearby San Rafael, and Mt. Tam isn’t far either..


Many expanded and remodeled cottage-like homes. Some stately Victorians and craftsman style beauties. Be sure to see the Seminary area to the south of the main roads in town. (Seminary buildings are pictured above in photo.).

Sleepy Hollow, which is nestled in a large valley on the edge of town, has many beautiful homes on large lots, and many back up to open space..


Ross Valley Schools prides itself on active family involvement. Wade Thomas elementary is a consistent top performer on California and national tests. High school is Drake. See notes on Fairfax.


The average temperature is 59 degrees, with an average maximum temperature of 70 degrees and an average low of 48. From July to September, highs get into the 80s. San Anselmo gets about 37 inches of rain a year. The average low is 48 degrees, with the coldest months being November and December. Mount Tamalpais usually protects the region from perpetual fog.

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