Classic Marin Luxury

Spanish adventurers called it Punta de Tiburon “Shark Point,” but today the former working-class railroad town at the end of the Tiburon Peninsula is a wealthy community with tennis and yacht clubs, parks, bike paths, and a wildlife sanctuary. Many homes have stunning views of the San Francisco Bay, Richardson Bay and Mount Tamalpais. Blackie’s Pasture, along Tiburon Boulevard on the way into town, is a former pasture that now includes a walking/biking trail and playgrounds, as well as soccer fields and a gazebo.

What To See

The ferry to Angel Island State Park leaves from Tiburon, and Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a short drive away. Besides the grassy area near the harbor downtown, Tiburon has one major park, complete with a beach, picnic area, and fishing pier. Tiburon restaurants offer a wide variety of food, many with spectacular dining on the water opportunities.


When the fog comes in off the bay, this is where it comes first, but it usually burns off by early afternoon. Tiburon is right on the water, so is cooler than the cities inland, with average temperatures ranging from 40 to 74.


Housing varies enormously here. There are small, ranch style family homes in the area knows as Belveron, not far from Blackie’s Pasture. Then, the hillside along the bay, all the way to town, is lined with streets leading up into the hills where there are many homes with terrific views. As you get closer to town, typically prices go higher, and homes get bigger.

On the east side, there is Old Tiburon, which we believe has the absolute best weather in all of Marin County! There is also Paradise Cay, the boaters ultimate dream. Many houses here have their own dock, and all are right on the water.

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