There are  plenty of properties for sale, and we will show them,  with some lead time. Nothing happens quickly right now. But we do have two homes in contract!

It is also a good time to buy in that you can be pretty sure that if a home is on the market right now, they really want to sell. If the home is vacant, and can be shown right now, chances are the owner is not out there just trying to see what they can get for the home. They have gone through, and are going through, a lot to sell the home.

Buyers are also now required to sign a new form, the Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration, before entering the showing. It basically outlines the issues and risks associated with viewing property right now. We are also asking buyers to sign a new form from Coldwell Banker, the Covid-19 Property Showings Disclosure. In addition to outlining the risks, it says that Buyers are not exhibiting  COVID 19 symptoms, and have not had direct contact with someone diagnosed with Coronavirus.

So we can show property, if it is vacant, and everyone acknowledges the risks. And yes, we are saying it is actually a good time to buy!