The early bird often catches the worm in Marin County’s real estate market. Every year about this time, we can almost feel the pent up buyer demand. Qualified buyers who worked hard last year — maybe even writing one or more offers on properties, only to be outbid — are coming back soon.

These buyers will be more determined than ever, and smart sellers looking for a competitive edge will be ready for them.

Traditionally, the opening of the Spring real estate market in Marin County is the Monday after the Superbowl. Why this is we are really not sure, but the Superbowl has become the grand finale of the holiday season and the start of a new real estate market.

Smart sellers get their real estate agents on board early, before their repairs and staging are even started. Why? Because the sooner you hire us, the more work we can and will do for you. Our commitment to property preparation has grown over the years. Today, we have an excellent team of contractors to do the work, and we can also provide sellers with experienced project coordinators who manage the entire process, start to finish.

On our first visit, we discuss with the seller all the things we do to help sell properties for top dollar, and then look around to determine what maintenance, repair and upgrade projects are most worth doing. A budget is established. Fresh paint, landscaping, floor refinishing and new fixtures are often at the top of the “worthwhile” list. Working within our client’s budget, we then estimate and coordinate subcontractor schedules for desired improvements and staging. Our project managers then supervise every detail to make sure the work is done professionally, quickly and economically.Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.02.58 PM

Because we use many of the same contractors regularly, and have a good working relationship with them, we know them to be reliable, and they tend to give us a great value and excellent service.

By prepping homes with fresh finishes, new fixtures, and other relatively inexpensive upgrades, we can create the best possible first impression as we bring them to market. Our sellers agree this is an excellent investment to make in your home.

If you are a home fix-up whiz and would like to be considered as a project manager on our team, please contact Pat at 415-845-1927. If you are a seller looking for a competitive edge in the upcoming Spring market, call Bob at 415-378-1414.